RB's Excavating Services


Excavating refers to the digging up, re-soiling, trenching or other land property alterations made to your land space for gardening, farming or construction purposes. You need to be able to trust in a company to handle your property with experienced and skilled hands, and here at RB’s Excavating we will make sure your property is maintained to the highest degree possible.

We have the experience needed to toil your land and maintain its soil level and nutrients for farming, give you a solid base to construct your building from or even get you land ready to sustain the garden you have always wanted. Let us help bring your vision to reality for your property, and we will complete your project with excellence and efficiency!

Fence Line Remove

Does your fence show signs of rot from age? Are sections broken or completely missing from years of weather activity and livestock damage? Do you want a new fence to line your property but need to get rid of the old one first? Say no more, and let us get your land ready for new fencing with our Fence Line Remove service!

Our service will remove your damaged and rotten wooden or metal fencing from your property lines in a quick and timely manner. We will take care of the entire fencing removal process, allowing you to relax and focus on your incoming project.

Foundation Preparation

Do you adore your classic home, but the cracked foundation makes you worry about its stability? Have you done an annual inspection about found that your home’s foundation has been compromised from landscape growth, weather or other reasons? Don’t let the problem get worse over time, for foundation repair and maintenance there is only one company you can go to, RB’s Excavating!

Our amazing and talented staff will make sure your foundation is sound and fully functioning after repairs are done. We have a large amount of history and experience with Foundations in the area, assuring you of our commitment to quality and that your home will be back in top form in a timely manner!

Ditch/Land Clean Out

Are you trying to prepare for a new crop, a structure build or just want to begin a construction project on your property? You need an expert team to help you trench and excavate your land and to maintain the integrity of the soil, let us here at RB’s Excavation not only help you with your project but ensure that it is done in the best manner possible.

We can assist you with everything related to Land Clearing with our experienced staff, giving you the proper foundation to build your project on! Just let us show you our skills in person and give you the perfect starting point for your property build or excavation.

Construction Site preparation

Is your land renovation plan final underway? Are you trying to get the clean-up and preparation done for your new project and are running into issue after issue? Then don’t struggle with getting it ready for a moment longer, and let us here at RB’s Excavation take the stress off of your shoulders today!

Our Construction Site Preparation service allows us to get your location ready for construction for you! So don’t worry about moving dirt. Grating or anything else that needs to be done, just let us assist you and everything will be ready in no time!

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